Service Fees

Highlands County Sheriff's Office
Schedule of Fees

This document offers a compilation of user fees charged by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office for funding of certain services provided. The fees have been divided into the specific areas responsible for the services. However, the fees imposed for public records requests and dishonored checks are uniform throughout the County. Questions regarding the requirements of services should be directed to the appropriate division. Included in the schedule is the telephone number for each division. Also provided is a fee schedule for extra assignments.   

Dishonored Check Service Fees
 For any item not exceeding $50  $25.00
 For items exceeding $50 but not exceeding $300  $30.00
 For items that exceed $300  $40 or 5 percent of face value
(whichever is greater)

Public Records Service Fees
 Audio Tapes  $0.99
 Certified Copies  $1.00
 Computer Disc (DVD-R)  $0.40
 Computer Disc (CD-R)  $0.30
 Copies (1-sided)  $0.15
 Copies (2-sided)  $0.20
Video Tapes (T-120) $2.23
Lengthy Records Search and Copy  Per hour 
labor charge
Public Records Unit:  863-402-7232 or

Pre-payment is required before any copies and/or redactions are made. To avoid the spread of viruses, no outside computer discs may be used. Citizens wishing a copy in electronic format must purchase a new, unused diskette from the Sheriff's Office. The public has the right to inspect copyrighted documents and use agency equipment to copy the materials and pay the per copy charge. 
However, copyrighted documents may NOT be copied by the staff.  Responses will be mailed with a return receipt to ensure that all responses are received at the appropriate address. Public record fees will be revised during the annual budget cycle each fiscal year.

Miscellaneous Administrative Fees
 Fingerprinting Fees  $5.00 processing fees
plus FDLE submission costs
 Employment Background Search  $5.00
 Faulty Equipment "Fix-It"  Ticket  $4.00

Administration 863-402-7211

Extra Duty Deputy Fees
 Extra Duty Deputy Sheriff With Vehicle  $45.00 per hour
(3 hour minimum)
An established hourly rate of $35 is paid directly to the deputy.
The remainder is for benefits (approximately 25 percent), vehicle expenses and administrative costs. 
Patrol: 863-402-7206

Investigative Costs (per hour)
 Deputy Sheriff  $20.13
 Detective  $21.14
 Sergeant  $29.53
 Lieutenant  $34.55
 Secretary and Transcriptionist  $15.00
 Crime Scene Technician  $16.38

Judicial Process 
 Summons, Subpoenas and Notices to Appear  $40.00
 Writ of Repossession/Writ of Replevin  $90.00
 Tax Warrant Cash Levy  $70.00
 Miscellaneous Levies (dependent on items to be levied)  Varies
Judicial Process: 863-402-7227

Documents Required are as follows:
  • An original and a certified copy or two certified copies of documents to be served (this applies to documents that are electronically filed)
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Payment for service (see fee schedule above)
  • Best possible address for service (P.O. Boxes are not accepted)

If mailing paperwork, please send it to:
Highlands County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Division
400 S. Eucalyptus St.

Sebring, FL 33870

 Detention Fees
 Inmate Initial Subsistence Fee  $20.00
 Inmate Daily Subsistence Fee  $2.00/day
 Inmate Dentist Visit (in facility, flat fee)  $126.00
 Inmate Doctor's Exam (in facility, flat fee)  $30.00
 Inmate Other Medical and Prescriptions  Actual Costs
 *Transportation Reimbursement (regular duty)

Deputy rate with vehicle

Deputy rate without vehicle
 Hourly rate per cost schedule
above plus $0.44 per mile

$40.00 per hour

$37.00 per hour
 Community Maintenance Program Fee per
Administrative Order 30-01
 $5.00 per day
*Transportation costs for family funeral of inmates, inmates transported for non-support charges or inmates transported for bail bondsmen.
Detention: 863-402-7212

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