Public Records

Mail:  400 S. Eucalyptus St.Sebring, FL  33870
Phone Number: 863-402-7232
FAX: 863-402-7207

All public records requests should be directed to the Highlands County Sheriff's Office Records Custodian.

Highlands County Sheriff's Office's Public Records Unit provides local (Highlands County) background checks and copies of accident reports, offense, and CAD incident reports for incidents which occurred in an area of HCSO jurisdiction.

If a report was taken by a law enforcement official from another agency (for example, City of Sebring, City of Avon Park, City of Lake Placid or the Florida Highway Patrol), HCSO will not have the records. You must contact the agency that took the report.

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IMPORTANT: Online requests must be picked up at the HCSO, 400 S Eucalyptus St., Sebring, Florida, open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Online requests cannot be mailed, but requesting a report online will save you time.

Report Requests

IMPORTANT: If you wish to obtain a traffic accident report within 60 days of the incident, Florida law requires that you complete a Request for Traffic Crash Report Information Form indicating you are entitled to receive it. To obtain a form please email Once you obtain the form and complete it, mail the completed and signed form with your letter of request to the address below. After 60 days, the form is not necessary and anyone may obtain a copy of the report.

Report type and personal information

The following information is required to aid in the search for your report: 

  • Date of Incident 
  • Time of Incident 
  • Location of Incident 
  • Type of Incident 
  • Is it an Offense Report? 
  • Is it an Arrest Report? 
  • Parties Involved 
  • Any offense numbers, if available.

Public Records Service Fees
 Audio Tapes
 Certified Copies
 Computer Disc (DVD-R)
 Computer Disc (CD-R)
 Copies (1-sided)
 Copies (2-sided)
Video Tapes (T-120)
Lengthy Records Search and Copy
 Per hour 
labor charge
Public Records Unit:  863-402-7232 or

Pre-payment is required before any copies and/or redactions are made. To avoid the spread of viruses, no outside computer discs may be used. Citizens wishing a copy in electronic format must purchase a new, unused diskette from the Sheriff's Office. The public has the right to inspect copyrighted documents and use agency equipment to copy the materials and pay the per copy charge. However, copyrighted documents may NOT be copied by the staff.  Responses will be mailed with a return receipt to ensure that all responses are received at the appropriate address. Public record fees will be revised during the annual budget cycle each fiscal year.