Two arrested for business burglaries

SEBRING -- Two Broward County men are in jail after a pair of Highlands County Sheriff’s Office detectives linked them to a statewide crime spree that included a string of smash-and-grab business burglaries in Highlands County.

Five local businesses were hit in July. The Kissimmee River Fishing Resort was first on July 16, followed the next night by an attempted burglary at the Raceway on US 27 in Lake Placid, and successful break-ins at Rodney’s Marathon in Lake Placid, the Citgo at US 27 and Lake June Road in Lake Placid and the 7 Days gas station in Avon Park.


nds County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Chad Douberley and Eddie San Miguel began investigating the burglaries that took place in county jurisdiction, while Lake Placid Police Department Det. Sgt. Stuart Troutman worked on the two that took place in the LPPD jurisdiction. They were able to identify the suspect vehicle and develop a timeline of the crimes, which allowed the detectives to plot a route the suspects would have traveled during their local crime spree.


Their investigation revealed the vehicle used in the local crimes was operated by 44-year-old Kalvin J. Flowers from Pompano Beach. They also learned that Flowers was accompanied by his cousin, 46-year-old Roger Raysor, who is also from Broward County.

While investigating the local crimes, Detectives Doublerley and San Miguel learned that there had been similar crimes committed all over the state, ranging down the east coast from Jacksonville to Broward County and to Manatee County on the Gulf Coast. The HCSO detectives coordinated with numerous other law enforcement agencies, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to link Flowers and Raysor to crimes in 10 different jurisdictions.

Flowers and Raysor, who used three different vehicles during their crimes, were recently arrested in Broward County and are facing charges related to 16 separate burglaries that totaled $50,000 worth of stolen or damaged property and 12 stolen firearms. Search warrants on two residences in south Florida linked to the suspects turned up three of the stolen firearms and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Flowers is bein

g held without bond in Broward County. Raysor is being held in DeSoto County on a $600,000 bond.

“This was an outstanding job by Detectives Douberley and San Miguel,” Sheriff Paul Blackman said. “In addition to solving the crimes that occurred in our county, their determination and hard work led the way to these two criminals being brought to justice for the multiple crimes they committed all over the state. Hopefully, that hard work leads to these two spending a very long time in prison.”