Property and Evidence Unit

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office Property and Evidence Unit functions under the Criminal Investigations Division. Professionally trained members maintain the security, integrity, and accountability of all property and evidence that has been submitted and/or collected in the course of law enforcement activities. 

On average, there are more than 60,000 items in evidence on any given day. The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the storage of all of those items pursuant to agency policy and Florida law. Additional responsibilities include the disposition of property and evidence as directed by agency policy and Florida State Statute, maintaining property that has been seized by the Sheriff's Office for pending forfeiture proceedings, the packaging and transportation of evidence to crime labs for investigative analysis, and testifying in criminal court proceedings.
The Evidence Custodians are responsible for cataloguing, maintaining, and disposing of evidence submitted by any member of the Highlands County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office takes in a significant volume of evidence every day and the Evidence Custodians are responsible for the maintenance and security of thousands of pieces of evidence.
Sheriff's Office evidence storage facility