The Uniform Patrol Division is responsible for the delivery of law enforcement services to Highlands County's 100,000-plus residents and patrolling the county's 1,082 square miles.  They are tasked with many functions, including:

  • answering both emergency and non-emergency calls for service
  • application of the laws during arrests/searches
  • court related process after arrest
  • civil process
  • crime/accident scene investigations
  • evidence collections
  • interviewing and taking statements
  • providing security
  • escort services
  • community interaction
In an average month, there are around 7,000 calls for service answered by the HCSO, the vast majority of them by the UPD.

The UPD provides full-service law enforcement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year utilizing problem-oriented and data-driven policing strategies. These deputies are tasked with answering both emergency and non-emergency calls and the application of the laws during arrests/searches, court related process after arrest, civil process, crime/accident scene investigations, evidence collections, interviewing and taking statements, providing security, escort services, and community interaction. 

Patrol car in action