Criminal Investigations Unit

 The Criminal Investigations Unit has 13 detective positions, supervised by a lieutenant and two sergeants. This unit is tasked with investigating cases that require more resources than a patrol deputy has available. Murders, robberies, burglaries, stolen property and financial crimes are all tasked to the Criminal Investigations Unit. 

The detectives are assigned to work property crimes, crimes against persons or fraud cases. Major cases, such as homicides, are usually assigned to senior members of the CIU, but are actually worked by all available detectives. 

Crime analyst creating heat map of crime areas
Criminal Intelligence/Crime Analysis:
The Criminal Investigations Unit's crime analysts generate statistical data analysis such as crime trends within Highlands County, electronically track fugitives from justice, and locate and distribute criminal intelligence information. The Law Enforcement Analysts receive advanced training in advanced software tools, information analysis, and crime mapping and perform analysis work not only within the Criminal Investigations Division but also for other divisions with the Sheriff’s Office.

Major case notebook
Cold Case Team:The Cold Case Team is made up of retired law enforcement officers who meet regularly to comb through cases that have not been solved. They re-examine the evidence with a fresh eye to see if there are any new angles that can be taken in the investigation. 

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