Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit is comprised of two squads: Narcotics and the Tactical Anti-Crime (TAC) teams.
These units specialize in problem solving in neighborhoods where normal patrol response is sometimes restrained by the mere volume of calls for service or the length of time needed to resolve the problem.  The Crime Suppression Team conducts targeted and mission oriented police activities.

Supervised by the Undersheriff and working under the direction of the Special Operations Unit Lieutenant, these dedicated and highly motivated detectives and deputies have a primary responsibility to combat street-level crimes such as narcotics, robberies, and burglaries and serve felony arrest warrants. 

The Crime Suppression Teams also focus on offenses and violations that reduce the "quality of life" for a neighborhood.  The Crime Suppression Team members accomplish their goals and work closely with citizens and confidential informants to resolve difficult problems.  They may be called upon to adapt their schedules and tactics as needed, often on very short notice.  The Crime Suppression Team is directly responsive to neighborhood complaints and is supported by timely and actionable computerized crime analysis.

The Crime Suppression Teams are often called upon to assist other municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with narcotics investigations in and out of Highlands County.  Investigations are also done in the form of interdiction on major roadways in our area, with the use of narcotic dogs, to detect illegal drugs in vehicles.  Members participate in multi-jurisdiction task forces with other agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Marshal's Service, U.S. Immigration and Customs, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as other sheriffs offices and police departments.

Methamphetamine in evidence bag

Marijuana and cash in evidence bags