Information Services Division

Administrator Robert Jordan has been with the Highlands County Sheriff's Office since 2000, starting as a RobertJordan 2012Network Administrator prior to being promoted to Director in 2005 and Division Administrator in 2008. He has been involved in information technology since starting his career in 1982 as an application developer for then Walker Memorial Hospital. After 2 years of digital electronics studies in college he changed focus to networking engineering, and went on to become a business consultant on computer systems and instructor in information technology for South Florida Community College, prior to being hired by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office in 2000.
  He holds the designations of System Engineer from Microsoft, Network Engineer from Novell, Network Associate from Cisco and is certified in both software and hardware by the Computer Technology Industry Association. His current studies include Project Management from the Project Management Institute.  Robert Jordan is the Administrator for the Information Services Division.  
The Information Services Division is tasked with the maintenance and safety of all information records in the agency. It is the Information Services Divisions responsibility to research and provide recommendations concerning advanced technologies for the agency to improve its effectiveness and productivity. They are committed to delivering exceptional value and support through the deployment and support of innovative technologies to the many units of the Sheriff's Office and other public safety agencies throughout Highlands County who share our data systems and wireless infrastructure.
Information Services Division consists of :
Central Records Unit
Information Technology Unit