Central Records Unit

The Central Records Unit is responsible for imaging documents into incident reports, arrest, or inmate files, and the storing or destruction of case and arrest files. 

The Central Records Unit maintains all incident reports generated by the Sheriff's Office and assists the public by locating incident reports, researching past incidents, retrieving statistics of crimes in a given area, and directing them to other agencies as needed. Incident reports are retrieved and made available upon request to the public per Florida Statute 119.

One of the functions of the Unit is to enter case information into the computer to meet requirements of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reporting codes and other requirements by the computer software. This will allow Sheriff's Office personnel future access to specific information in each case.

The Central Records Unit has several components that include Offense Reports, Criminal Records, Microfilmed Archives and Imaged Archives.

The Central Records Unit maintains jail inmate files and arrest information for criminal background screening. This unit also prints booking photos and inmate release information.

Central Records accepts payment for public requests at the front desk of the Sheriff's Office headquarters at 400 S. Eucalyptus St. These public requests include copies of incident reports, criminal history/background checks, photos, cassette tapes, etc.