General Services Unit

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office General Services Unit is responsible for the purchase of products and services for the Highlands County Sheriff's Office. This includes all aspects of the purchasing cycle from the receipt of a requisition to the issuance of a Purchase Order or Contract.

The General Services Unit is open for business from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We ask that appointments be made whenever possible for vendors. The General Services Unit can be reached during business hours at 863-402-7266. We invite all businesses to participate in the Highlands County Sheriff's Office purchasing process. 
The General Services Unit is committed to procuring goods and services in the most efficient and effective manner, in order to achieve the best price and consistent quality needed to meet the requirements of the Sheriff's Office. They operate under these rules:

  1. The General Services Unit shall seek to maximize the purchasing power of public funds, while promoting fair and open competition.
  2. The General Services Unit shall work together to create innovative approaches to the procurement process for the benefit of our customers and the Sheriff's Office.
  3. The General Services Unit shall follow a strict code of ethics, avoiding the appearance of and preventing the opportunity for favoritism.
The General Services Unit is committed to carrying out the following best business practices:

  1. Procure goods and services in accordance with the quality, quantity, and delivery requirements of the requisitioning user.
  2. Procure items at the lowest cost that quality, quantity, delivery, and safety objectives permit.
  3. Organize and use the total buying power of the Sheriff's Office in a manner that will yield maximum benefit.
  4. Study markets to analyze prices, evaluate vendors, identify methods of reducing costs through improved specifications and supervision of supply sources, and recommend changes in products and in order quantities when conditions warrant.
  5. Seek, develop, and maintain reliable sources of supply that will create and encourage competitive bidding and free and open competition. 
  6. Maintain good vendor relations in order to promote the Sheriff's Office reputation for fair dealing.